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Association of Power Producers of Ontario


APPrO membership opens the door to a wide variety of benefits and services designed to amplify the voice of generators, co-ordinate initiatives to advance the industry, and disseminate valuable information in many forms.


APPrO is a non-profit organization representing generators operating in the province of Ontario, and a variety of organizations and individuals concerned with generation. APPrO has more than 100 members including developers, suppliers and consultants to power enterprises, both public and private, with an emphasis on implementing responsible and sustainable energy systems in Canada and around the world.


APPrO offers extensive resources of many types to assist business, government, utilities, and scientific researchers acquire useful information pertaining to economic and sustainable energy systems. See the APPrO Mission Statement for more information on our mission, and the recent information on our Vision.


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APPrO publishes magazines, fact sheets, financial/technical bulletins, industry directories, technical handbooks, educational materials, conference proceedings and internet documents. For more information, please see our publications list.



APPrO’s annual Canadian Power Conference has become the leading annual event in the generation industry in Canada. APPrO is also proud to have sponsored some of the largest Canadian conferences to date focusing on the full range of issues of concern to the power industry. For further information, including transcripts and proceedings of many previous conferences, see our publications area, and further information below, or access our conference website at where you can view conference related information going back to 2005.


Educational Materials and Networked Resources

APPrO can make available large amounts of its publication and research data, via internet channels on request.


Intervention in Public Hearings

APPrO has recently played a major role in OEB (Ontario Energy Board) hearings into the IESO’s market rule amendment affecting ramp rates, and in a series of proceedings related to the Natural Gas Electricity Interface Review at the OEB and the National Energy Board. APPrO's predecessor IPPSO was one of the major intervenors at Ontario Environmental Assessment Board hearings, Ontario Energy Board hearings and various national and international stakeholder processes, related to Ontario Hydro successor companies, energy, electric utilities and related matters.


Campaigns and Educational Programs

APPrO has organized or supported campaigns and educational programs on the design of market rules, natural gas services, renewable portfolio standards, approval requirements, electricity rate structures, environmental externalities, procurement mechanisms, climate change, competitive bidding, Aboriginal energy concerns, and many other matters.


Special Projects

More information is available on request, but these projects have included public-interest efforts on behalf of district energy, protection of native lands in concert with development of alternative energy resources, promotion of renewable energy and sustainable development.


APPrO Database

APPrO maintains an extensive internal database of suppliers, buyers, developers, financiers, marketers, consultants and environmental interests related to sustainable energy technology in Canada. Members of APPrO may request information through specific searches, although privacy requirements and other factors frequently place limits on the dissemination of such information. Or try our online directory at


For queries or suggestions, please forward to:

APPrO: 25 Adelaide St. East, Suite 1602, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 3A1

(courier entrance on 44 Victoria)

(416) 322-6549 fax 416-481-5785   e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Last update: January 17, 2014



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